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Massage Therapy

As HealthMax Physiotherapy Clinics newest branch at St. Clair West, we offer customized solutions to musculoskeletal dysfunctions and strain injuries through registered massage therapy. Our goal is to ensure optimal non-drug/non-surgical care for painful injuries, which interfere with your daily activities – simple things, such as sitting at a desk all day or standing on your feet for several hours.

St. Clair massage treatment focuses on problems, such as:
– Stress and anxiety
– Headaches and migraine
– Tensions and arthritis
– Strains, sprains, spasms
– Sports-related injuries
– Motor vehicle accidents
– Injuries related to slips and falls
– Fibromyalgia
– Pre and post-surgical rehabilitation

HealthMax St. Clair massage clinic supports an integrated approach to healing and treatment of pain. Our specialists recommend massage therapy as a form of treatment to address poor circulation, chronic and acute pain, swelling in the body, all of which will further assist with proper respiratory function and release of physical, mental and emotional tension. At the St. Clair HealthMax branch, the skilled massage therapists focus on identifying the root cause of the pain and always recommend a plan to treat the cause of pain accordingly. We also offer massage therapy as a supplementary service to chiropractic and physitherapy treatments. Through strong collaboration, our multidisciplinary team ensures that an inclusive plan to get you up to speed faster.

At St. Clair clinic, we focus on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment – and also, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. Our recommended health care plans always focus on improving the overall health and wellness. We, as massage therapists, know that it is important to treat the root of the problem.

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